Milan, 5 November 2016
International LGS Day


Awareness On Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome Increase!

The conference has been a 2-men organization by doctors Antonino Romeo and Giuseppe Gobbi who have focused the attention on the importance of the alliance between doctors and families. It has surrounded itself by valuable contributions of the following Moderators and Rapporteurs (duly listed in alphabetical order):

Giuliano Avanzini (Milano)
Antonella Boni (Bologna)
Renato Borgatti (Bosisio Parini)
Giuseppe Capovilla (Mantova)
Giovanni De Maria (Brescia)
Silvana Franceschetti (Milano)
Carlo Andrea Galimberti (Pavia)
Tiziana Granata (Milano)
Giuseppe Gobbi (Bologna)
Gemma Lacaita (Milano)
Roberto Michelucci (Bologna)
Fabio Minicucci (Milano)
Alberto Ottolini (Milano)
Claudia Passamonti (Ancona)
Erika Rebessi (Milano)
Antonino Romeo (Milano)
Pasquale Striano (Genova)
Pierangelo Veggiotti (Pavia)
Federico Vigevano (Roma)
Maurizio Viri (Novara)
Nelia Zamponi (Ancona)
Federico Zara (Genova)

whom we thank for their participation, cooperation and their hard work to decipher this disease, bringing the patient's physical and mental balance back to the norm in medical research. We especially thank them for confronting the families wishes and demands, accepting criticism and putting forward some suitable solutions.

The participation of Professor Francesco Viani's family – admirably reminded by Professor Giuliano Avanzini – has been very important for us and we want to posthumously and stony thank him for his tireless effort.

Many thanks to all the families that have known how to put themselves out there kicking off the first LGS meeting and creating a regional handlers network in nearly all parts of the country.

Last but not least, we are greatful to BPM letting us do the conference in a location that has made everything more gentle.

Organised by:

UOC Neurologia Pediatrica – Centro Regionale per l'Epilessia
Ospedale Fatebenefratelli e Oftalmico, ASST Fatebenefratelli Sacco Milano

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